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'It Hurts Your Bones': Private Special Ed Schools Can Restrain Kids With Disabilities

Shirley Profit holds a work of art she created while she was attending High Road schools in Connecticut for students with disabilities. In total, over five years, High Road staff restrained Shirley at least 96 times and put her in seclusion 146 times.

When the public school in Norwalk, Connecticut, wanted to send Barbara Profit's children to a private school for kids with disabilities, the mother warily agreed. She had hoped to keep them in public school, but knew her two kids, ages 9 and 5, needed extra support. 

Her son Tyllis has autism, while her youngest child Shirley has multiple disabilities, including schizophrenia. Both had aggressive outbursts in school, sometimes including hitting and kicking. In 2011, the district told her it didn't have the resources to meet the kids' needs, so it would pay to put them in a private school instead.

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Photo credit: Sharon Lurye / The Teacher Project via article


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