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Protecting Students with Disabilities from the Dangers of Seclusion and Restraint

The Keeping All Students Safe Act is needed to:

Prohibit schools from:

· Secluding any child

· Physically restraining children, except when necessary to protect students and staff from imminent danger and serious physical injury

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Allow schools to:

· Train school personnel so they are equipped to use evidence-based proactive strategies and techniques to address challenging student behaviors

· Receive funding to support establishing and implementing new minimum safety standards and related policies

· Provide staff training to those employed by the school or district, except for law enforcement

· Improve capacity to annually collect and analyze data on use of restraint to help improve school climate and culture while protecting student privacy. This includes data on the number of incidents, injuries, cases of death, and the demographic breakdown

Federal legislation to establish minimum safety standards in schools helps all communities by:

· Ensuring student and staff safety through use of evidence-based program(s), supports and staff resources

· Requiring training and certification of staff conducting physical restraint that meets the minimum standards

· Establishing monitoring and enforcement systems that support all students and school staff

· Requiring parental notification and follow-up meetings if a physical restraint occurs

· Increasing transparency, oversight and enforcement to prevent future abuse and death of students

· Providing a private right-of-action to families whose child is unlawfully secluded or restrained

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