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Cop Handcuffed and Taunted 7-Year-Old Autistic Student After He Spat at School

Excerpts of a video from former Statesville police Officer Michael Fattaleh’s body camera show him restraining a 7-year-old boy for 38 minutes at at the Pressly Alternative School.

The video from former Statesville Police Officer Michael Fattaleh’s body camera shows him rushing across a classroom toward two women who are sitting with a small boy. “OK, I’ve got him. He’s mine now,” Fattaleh says. He takes the 7-year-old, autistic child from the women, handcuffs the boy’s arms behind his back and presses him to the floor.

According to the video of the Sept. 11, 2018, incident, the student remains in that position for the next 38 minutes. Sometimes he sits quietly. Other times he sobs in apparent pain or pleads for Fattaleh to let him go.

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