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Each day, children are at risk of being injured and traumatized by the imposition of restraint and seclusion in schools across the United States, despite the fact there is no evidence of therapeutic or educational value, and ample evidence of emotional trauma, physical harm and death.

Restraint & Seclusion: Hear our Stories Excerpt

Hear Our Stories Excerpt
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Restraint and Seclusion: Hear Our Stories (2 minute excerpt) is a short film clip highlighting the trauma experienced through seclusion and restraint by Brianna Hammon, Jino Medina, Helena Stephenson and Andre Beaudoin. 


The Alliance to Prevent Restraint, Aversive Interventions, and Seclusion (APRAIS) is a coalition of organizations and advocates who dedicate their time and resources to ending restraint and seclusion abuse in U.S. schools


If you have a specific incident or case of seclusion and/or restraint to report or discuss, please visit the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates to locate an advocate or attorney, find a Protection and Advocacy System in your state or federal territory at NDRN Member Agencies - P&A - CAP | NDRN, or find a nearby Parent Training Information Center. You can also file a complaint with your state department of education or with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights 

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